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In Taiwan, the source of law for waste treatment method is based on “Waste Disposal Act” published in 1974 and in 1977 March 28, it amended the provisions of Article 10bis. It announces “The Waste as TV machines, refrigerators, washing machines and air-conditioners is a kind of substance that is difficult to be removed and processed. Most of them don’t decompose easily in nature and they are classified as a general waste.” Under the regulations of general waste, manufacturers should be responsible for recycling, clearance and disposal work. The implementation of laws was scheduled for the following year (1998) in March. In order to comply with laws and regulations and to promote recycling of waste for protecting our planet, 12 domestic home appliances manufacturers formed a strategic alliance and then a company, “E&E Recycling”, was born in August of 1998 under this cooperation. In terms of “Ecotech Solutions”, it was established in 2012 and is a member of E&E Recycling group. Ecotech Solutions provides services to recycling business for system planning, design and consultancy in combination with E&E Recycling’s many years of experience in construction and resource recycling. Our solutions include: “resource recycling with whole plant output”, “green industry trade”, “green product design”, “green supply train”, “R&D for recycling”, “plastic sorting”, “home appliances manufacturing equipment”, and other relevant areas. Today global warming is becoming more and more worse and natural resources are also increasingly rare. Ecotech Solutions may look forward to make good use of our expertise and knowledge to protect our environment and contribute effort to love our planet.

E&E and Ecotech
E&E Recycling's Alliance

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